Foreign Brands Entering China: Strategies for Transforming Product Power into Brand Strength

In today’s fierce competition in the Chinese market, it is not uncommon for companies to have excellent products, however, many brands are faced with the awkward situation of “fragrant wine is also afraid of deep alley”. Even if the products are of high quality, the lack of strong branding often makes it difficult to leave a deep impression in the minds of consumers, leading to low market awareness, low consumer brand loyalty and high price sensitivity. This is a major challenge, especially for foreign SMEs that want to enter China. Therefore, brands need to work together with a professional China marketing agency to transform product power into brand power.

Imagine having a great product and facing the following challenges:

Firstly, low market awareness. Even if your product is of superb quality and has excellent features, if Chinese consumers have never heard of your brand, they may hesitate due to unfamiliarity and tend to opt for older products that are familiar. After all, with so many options to choose from, people tend to trust brands they know better.

Secondly, there is the issue of consumer loyalty. Without strong brand power, you’re just an average product in the eyes of consumers. This means that when they are looking for something with similar features, they are likely to turn to brands that “they perceive” to be more secure and trustworthy, even if their products are not as good as yours, or even slightly worse. You need to build up your brand power in order for Chinese consumers to realise the power of your product.

Finally, a company with strong brand power tends to enjoy higher bargaining power. Consumers not only pay for the actual value of the product, but also for the story behind the brand, the emotion and the additional “brand premium”. In contrast, products that lack brand power, even if they are of high quality, may not be recognised by Chinese consumers because they fail to communicate their unique value.

In the face of these dilemmas, it is imperative to partner with a professional China marketing agency to build a strong brand. Through careful branding, you can significantly increase market awareness in China, enhance consumer loyalty, and even change price sensitivity, so that your product can take its place in the minds of consumers and stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Firstly, we help companies to define their brand positioning, i.e. the brand’s unique position in the minds of Chinese consumers. This involves not only an accurate analysis of the target market, but also a combination of the brand’s vision and values, and the distillation of an easy-to-communicate and engaging brand story. Through storytelling, the brand’s unique appeal is conveyed to consumers in an emotionally resonant way, thus increasing the brand’s recognition in the Chinese market.

Secondly, in order to cultivate a stable customer base, we help to carefully plan a series of online and offline activities, such as social media interactions, community management, membership clubs, etc., aiming to enhance the adhesion between Chinese consumers and the brand. By organising regular online campaigns and encouraging users to share their experiences on Chinese social media such as Jittery and Xiaohongshu, participate in discussions on product improvement, and even play a creative role in the design process of new products, this deep sense of engagement can enhance consumer loyalty.

Thirdly, we will dig deep into the unique selling points and added values of our products, such as innovative technology and superior quality, and amplify these features through marketing to make consumers aware of them. At the same time, by creating brand stories that resonate with Chinese consumers, we enable brands to form emotional links with Chinese consumers. In addition, we also help brands to establish partnerships with industry authorities and obtain relevant certifications, so as to enhance brand image and reduce consumers’ price sensitivity, making them more willing to pay for brand value.

Through the implementation of the above strategies, the marketing company can effectively transform product power into brand power, helping companies to stand out in the competition in the Chinese market, and realise the magnificent transformation from product to brand.


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