Who We Are

造新 Beyond Next Network is an agency who deeply cultivates Asian brands in international marketing. We specializing in cross-border market segment, foreign public relations, and localization strategy. We have the perfect combination of international vision and local insight. Beyond Next Network partnership in 32 countries around the world, committed to helping Asian brand establish contact with global target audiences to achieve effective brand promotion in global markets.

Beyond Next · Competitive Edge

Professional Standing

You will find a service team composed of public relations specialists, digital marketing experts, communication consultants, ready to solve your business challenges.

Global Collaboration

Through the overseas partnership, we have established strategic relationships with a number of media and marketing agencies in overseas markets, resulting in close cooperation on local data, experience, resources, and execution.

Excellent Resources

Integration partners resources in all regions of the world, covering all areas of the media, to ensure timeliness, comprehensive, and professionalism.

Combination of quality and effect

Our team has always adhered to the goal of results and strives to help Chinese customers achieve effective brand promotion in overseas markets.

Our Partners