Skyworth Coocaa TV: TikTok Rap Challenge went viral among young Vietnamese

In the first half of 2020, we experienced a global pandemic together. It has changed our lives in different aspects. It has also changed the Chinese brand’s confidence in expanding overseas markets.
While many Chinese brands are hesitating in their overseas strategies, Skyworth and its sub-brand Coocaa have taken the initiative to hit the Vietnamese market with hip-hop spirit. In order to promote Coocaa’s strategic cooperation with Vietnamese OTT giant Clip TV, Justa Tee, a hip-hop mentor in Vietnam, launched the TikTok #WatchForFree Challenge. Supported by Tee’s fans, more than 50,000 TikTok users participated in shooting their own “Coo-Rap”. Meanwhile, more than 300 million Vietnamese viewed the challenge. A live streaming launch event held online on Lazada Vietnam, Facebook, YouTube, and more than 10 local media, with a total of over 100,000 people involved in it on each platform.

01 OTT cooperation TV caters to the market consumption upgrade

According to Digital TV Research and Tencent’s big data, the number of Internet TV devices worldwide is expected to reach 760 million in 2018, among which the total number of Internet TV all-in-one machines will reach 259 million.
According to data from DoCoMo Digital, OTT users in Vietnam accounted for only 4.1 percent in 2018 and are expected to reach less than 30 percent by 2023, suggesting that OTT has huge potential in the Vietnamese market.
There are two main reasons why Vietnamese consumers are not interested in OTT. First, big platforms like Netflix charge high fees that most of Vietnamese people can’t afford. Another reason is Vietnam’s weak awareness of copyright. Locals haven’t formed habits of paying for video content. In view of the consumer demands, Coocaa launched its ClipTV set in Vietnam, changing the landscape of the OTT market in Vietnam.
Coocaa x ClipTV provides consumers, especially young audiences, benefits of membership that they can’t refuse:
1. No advertisement on TV. When you use Netflix or any other OTT platform, non-paying customers are always yelling, “Why is the ad time getting longer?” “You have to be a member to see a movie?” “The latest TV episodes are available to members only? Come on! ” But this CoocaaTV is sold with lifelong membership, enabling consumers to sit cozily on their couch and enjoy the non-advertisement watching.
2. Free service of Clip TV lifetime membership. Pirate videos are unstable and websites mignt be blocked at every time. Finally, when you found a film, and it possibly turns out to be HD image quality. If you have this product, you can dive into the high-quality film resources at any time.
Coocaa X Clip TV meets the features of young people who do not like waiting and pursue efficiency. The ground-breaking cooperation of Coocaa X Clip TV in Vietnam is a surprise to local people in Vietnam.

02 Use Hip-Hop culture to grab consumers’ attention

To promote this partnership between Coocaa and OTT, Coocaa decided to collaborated with Justa Tee, the star tutor of the heated hip-hop show “Rap Viet” on Clip TV, using Freestyle to showcase the features of Coocaa TV.
“Rap Viet” and “King of Rap” are two hip-hop TV shows that have gained a lot of attention in Vietnam, inspiring the hip-hop dreams of Vietnamese people.However, perhaps because of the pendemic, no brand or campaign spotted this hip-hop upsurge yet and gave hip-hop lovers a chance to “rap out loud”.
As a brand with distinctive features, Coocaa TV understands the young Vietnamese’s demands of showing themselves.
Therefore, Vietnam top singer JustaTee was invited to tailored a exclusive music “coo – caa – cool” for Coocaa Vietman, and create a “Coo-Rap” Battle Challenge in TikTok Vietnam. With a most popular expression, JustaTee rapped out his favour to Coocaa, involving friends to join this trend.
More than 20 local Vietnamese Influencers joined the hip-hop challenge, actively supporting the JustaTee and Coocaa TV, producing high quality UGC content and attracting more of their fans to participate in the challenge.
TikTok has 12 million active users in Vietnam, and its main age groups are 16-30 years old, which overlaps the Coocaa TV target users. TikTok has vast volume of users, and if brands want to make great suceess in TikTok campaign, they need to focus on creative content ideas catering to their target groups. Through combining hip-hop culture, Coocaa successfully aroused young people’s interests and expanded its brand awareness in revealling brand logo repeatedly in the short videos.

03 The live streaming launch event featuring Vietnam famous singer JustaTee

On September 3rd, JustaTee attended the launch event, interacted with the fans and talked about the inspiration and feelings of creating Coocaa theme song.
This event was reported live by 10+ media, including VTCNWES, SOHA and other local mainstream media in Vietnam.
About 100,000 + person-times participated in the event, the prizes are adored by Tee fans and the audiences. Vouchers and TEE signature shirt were sold out immediately.
With the development of the economy, young consumer groups have grown stronger and they are predicted to become consumer leaders in the near future; therefore, various brands are thinking about how to capture the attention of young people. Coocaa combines hip-hop trends to create this Rap Battle Craze and went viral in Vietnam.
This Coocaa x ClipTV Vietnam launch conference not only promotes the high-tech characteristics of its products, but also delivers a cool culture to Vietnam, bringing a joyous atmosphere to Vietnam. It is a great case study for Chinese brands who seek markets overseas.


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