Ten years have witnessed our pioneering work: BEYOND NEXT won the 10th China Content Marketing Awards

On July 17, 2021, China Content Marketing Awards (CCMA) of content gala and 2021 CCMA ceremony was held at the Dongyi Tianhong Auditorium in Beijing. Brands, agencies and creators who have produced outstanding and influential works in the field of content marketing gathered together. The ceremony focuses on branding trends and marketing upgrades, more importantly, it shares and awards outstanding cases that produced by guests.

As an up-and-coming agency, by virtue of overseas intergrated marketing cases, Beyond Next won China Content Marketing Awards in 2021 PR and Brand Building Category – Gold Overseas Marketing Prize.

About the CCMA

The CCMA is directed by the China Association of Commercial Advertising (CAAC) and sponsered by ADQUAN, ranked 1st among the communications industries. CCMA is the first authoritative award that recognises the commercial value of content and content marketing in China. CCMA takes content to marketing itself and takes various media and content creativity into consideration. By exhibiting a comprehensive range of content marketing models across different media, so that the industry’s best cases are presented from various perspectives. It holds a high regard for every content creator.

At the recently concluded CCMA ceremony, the judging panel looked back the past ten years, they focused on content, abandoned the blind pursuit of hotspots and views, and rethought the meaning of what we have done. They also called on everyone to pay more attention on content so as to solve new problems with today’s competitive climate.

Insightful content and brave exploration

In the theme “Insightful and Brave”, guests from various fields shared their insights on the relationship between people and brands in the new consumer era and discussed in depth the future direction in “Content first” era.

The two key words “Insightful” and “Brave” accords with the concept of our company. In the age of pieces of information, we have always believed that the way to balance between brand, consumer recognition and creativity is the most important thing. “Insight” often refers to the knowledge of the overall consumer environment and result-oriented. Only when we have a “brave” exploration to seize the consumer psychology can we order to take the initiative.

Amidst global epidemic sluggish overseas marketing, our company has captured the unexpressed needs of young people who stay at home and guide brands to take the initiative to lead a wave of interaction with their audience, producing a lot of high-quality UGC content and attracting huge attention to brands. The gold prize shows a recognition to Beyond Next, also represents our marketing philosophy and principles fuse with CCMA.

Always lead on the road

By our sensitive to information and solid implementation capacity, we are the pioneer of overseas marketing. Our confidence comes from the trust and support of our clients. In overseas marketing, we will continue to help Chinese brands go overseas in pursuit of global insight and long-term and effective benefits, and help them grow and success in the big wave of overseas marketing.



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