Beyond Next Won the China Outstanding Brand Innovation Awards in 2020 TBI Summit with Multiple Mentioned Cases

On December 29, 2020, Top Brand Innovation (TBI) Summit ceremony was held in The Longemont Hotel Shanghai, Beyond Next with multiple overseas marketing cases, won the China Outstanding Brand Innovation Awards, in group of Annual Brand Service in Marketing and Consulting Services. It applaused for Beyond Next’s dedication in building Chinese brand images and outstanding services for the brand and product promotion with creative marketing solutions, including but not limited to market research and consulting, public relations services, integrated marketing strategies and so on.
Senior Communication Consultant-Miuccia (Right-6)
After three months of intense competition, TBI Summit revealed 4 annual shortlists: “Popular Brand Award”, “Brand Special Award”, “Brand Service Award”, “Person of the Year”. Nomanees are selected by the public vote and the professional judges, including more than 30 outstanding academic experts, founder and executive from different industries. Distinguish guests are Senior Director of Pepsi group in Asia Pacific market insight, Ms. Li Jing, Miniso vice President and CMO Mr. Liu Xiaobin, Ctrip Brand Advertising CEO Ms. Wang Miaocong, Meituan General Manager of Customer Marketing Ms. Wu Di, Ruder Finn Group Senior Vice President Mr. Gao Ming and professors from Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Being awarded by TBI Summit is not only the recognition of Beyond Next’s capability and influence in the market, but also the acknowledgement of our continuous exploration and innovation in the field of creative content and overseas marketing.
As the overseas representative case that won the Annual Brand Service Award — “Skyworth Coocaa overseas marketing, hip-hop TV will blow you up”, Beyond Next leveraged the high growth of marketing demands with low cost, combined with the advantages of media matrix in multiple platforms to create Vietnam localized integrated marketing strategies.
The project has reached up to 300 million views in Vietnam, which means that every Vietnamese has watched it three times or more on average, and the number of engagements is up to nearly 100,000. It can be called a phenomenal event across the country.
Internet marketing expert and former vice president of 51, Long Zhenwei
“In the new consumer market environment, brand image depends on brand value,” said Long Zhenwei, an Internet marketing expert and former vice president of, one of the jury members. “This case inspired the peers to seize 3 key factors in construction of the brand value: one is to really start from the consumer, to analyze and meet diversified demands;
Second, focus on the core usage scenario, to provide a more thoughful one-stop solution;
The third is to define the brand gene and export the brand attitude through promoting the product.”
Senior Communication Consultant-Miuccia
Miuccia, the senior communication consultant of Beyond Next, also mentioned: “Overall, the media environment in Southeast Asian markets is still in a state of rapid development. The overseas marketing and brand establishment cannot blindly copy from the ‘marketing routine’ in the domestic market. The strategies should be adapted to local conditions with local market insights are the right solution.”
Beyond Next’s achievement in overseas marketing thanks to our cooperate partners from 32 countries around the world. Through cooperating with foreign partners to generate creative content and localized execution, Beyond Next truly creates a one-stop solution for Chinese brands. Over the years Beyond Next insists on bearing in mind every customers’ demand, continues to create brand value, assembles the best resources to maximize returns and benefits. We are committed to providing the strongest fuel for Chinese brands and products to go global and redefining the new standard of overseas marketing.

About TBI China Outstanding Brand Summit and Innovation Awards

TBI China Outstanding Brand Summit and Innovation Awards is held by TopDigital, supported by China Association of Advertisers and ELLE World Fashion Garden.As a widely recognized industry award with great influence in the field of digital business communication, TOPDigital is committed to creating authoritative, forward-looking and large-scale events.
The organizing committee will group the judges according to their personal experiences and types of enterprises to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the evaluation process.
And it is jointly with professional data research institutions to monitor the voting data, to ensure the authenticity and validity of the votes.
The Outstanding Brand Awards also attracted more than 250 outstanding enterprises and outstanding case submissions, Bytedance, By-Health, BYD, Heytea, Tencent, Huawei and other brand owners, as well as well-known service providers such as Blue Focus, GroupM, Guangdong Advertising, CIG, Feishushino and so on.


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