Executive Department

Responsible for the overall media planning, cooperation development and PR management in various media channels.

Job description:
  1. Public Relations: Handle media relation activities, including identification of new opportunities, writing news releases/media advisories, pitching to targeted media and responding to media calls, including traditional media and social media;
  2. Influencer cooperation: Conducted business cooperation with overseas social media Influencers on Facebook and TikTok, select and negotiate prices with Influencers to maintain good cooperative relations and guarantee great ROI;
  3. Media strategy: responsible for the overall planning, cooperation development, media management and operation of various media channels to achieve the maximum effect
  4. Event planning: Coordinated and followed up allocation of large-scale public relations event;
  5. Other routine development and content creation.
Job Requirement:
  1. At least 1 year overseas media working experience, advertising experience or customer service experience is preferred;
  2. Abundant overseas media resources are preferred;
  3. Proficient in English, excellent written and oral English communication skills;
  4. Good coordination and negotiation skills in media cooperation projects.
We’re excited if you have:
  1. Proficiency in other languages (French, German, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Malay…) ;
  2. Experience in Influencer marketing and have accumulated resources of Influencers.

To apply for this job email your details to hr@wearebn.com