Started from 0, Constructing a Cool Hip Brand Image in Russian Consumer Market

Skyworth & coocaa

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Project Overview:

Coocaa, a subsidiary brand of Skyworth, hopes to enter the Russian market with the image of a young and cool technology brand. The first thing to do is to show this image to the local consumer market to build up local recognition.
Tailoring for the brand’s need, Beyond Next implemented innovative localized marketing methods, Social events, IP cooperative planning, and other marketing strategies. Catchy Coocaa music, viral videos, outdoor interviews, these creative content are conducted for making the name of this brand, Coocaa, reach to the massive Russian public.
With the help of e-commerce sales promotions such as Bachelors’s Day, Black Five Promotion, and Double Twentieth, brand awareness was built effectively and efficiently through various marketing activities.

Campaign Result:

The event gained over 300 million exposures and generated 2000+ UGC content. Throughout the project, posts were retweeted to 70+ group. The #CooWithKids and #CooWithSasha social media campaigns involved 518 people.
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