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Project Overview

Founded in 2012, Donner is a young and strong musical instrument brand facing the European and American markets. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, customer demand in the US market has declined. When the American rescue plan was launched, it benefited most of the American people and boost the potential consumers. Donner’s sales have begun to rise gradually. It plans to launch a spike promotion in April, hoping to divert the website through creative marketing methods.

What we did

Multi-scenario association, digging out the unique selling point
Drain hot topics outside the station, undertake activities inside the station and harvest traffic in a centralized manner


The dissemination is for Youtube, Instagram, TikTok audiences, and other mainstream foreign video platforms and social media. It reached 10 million people over one week, which is equivalent to covering the entire population of New York, with a total of more than 144,000 videos. The high-quality creativity has won the attention and love of American consumers and gain over 50% of the engagement rate in the campaign.
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