Burst Emotional Energy Warm the Philippines

Skyworth & coocaa

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Project Overview:

Affected by the epidemic, people have lost such “body language”, which is a direct and warm way in emotional expression, so we launched “Kiss Challenge” to provide channels for people to express their emotions. With the AIoT function of Coocaa, people can freely embrace life and contact with their families, so that people can get together and share daily life with their loved ones without leaving home. It makes TV exist not only to provide entertainment, but also to bring more possibilities to life.

What we did:

Precise positioning of the crowd, insight into social topics, enhance brand height
Integrate all kinds of celebrities, continue to expose the topic, maintain brand heat and reputation.


In this marketing campaign, a total of more than 60 celebrities participated in Kiss Challenge, and achieved an unexpected amount of interaction,reaching 8000k+ exposure ,50k+ engageman,  and 20k+ UGC content, successfully creating high-quality brand equity content for the brand, revitalizing the brand image, and realizing a win-win situation.
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