Win in Indonesia - the summer marketing battlefield for the UEFA EURO 2020

Skyworth & coocaa

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Project Overview:

Brand coocaa cooperates with Juventus Football Club, integrates into the football community, solves the pain points of large-screen, high-quality watching needs, and provides fans with the ultimate and fun watching experience. During the UEFA EURO 2020, coocaa took advantage of the trend and launched new products in the Indonesian market. It joined with Shopee and Lazada to launch an influenced marketing campaign at the two big promotion days of 628 and 707.

What we did:

Social media communication accurately concentrates customer groups and strengthens brand value.
Utilizing the outer campaign to attract potential users and open up a diversified, multi-scenario consumption scene.


In this marketing campaign, the total exposure of coocaa’s brand-related content reached 5000w+; the total number of related video views was 1000w + UGC 2w + CPC as low as $0.01.
Accurately reach the targeted audiences and vertical circles users, attracting the attention of the Indonesian people and effectively enhancing the brand value.
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